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What is a Portfolio Landlord?

A portfolio mortgage can simplify finances for landlords, as that’s what they’re primarily designed for. You will be classed as a portfolio landlord if you have 4 or more buy to let properties.

What is a Buy to Let Portfolio Mortgage?

A portfolio mortgage allows landlords to place all of their buy to let mortgages under one mortgage. A portfolio mortgage is treated as a single account. Rather than having separate lenders for each property, the entire portfolio is undertaken by one lender, hence one monthly payment.

How do Portfolio Mortgages Work?

A portfolio mortgage will incorporate each mortgage rate into one single rate. If for instance, you have ten properties, under a portfolio mortgage. each property would be wrapped up under one mortgage. The lender assesses your entire portfolio, considering your properties’ combined value and financial situation. Lenders often require portfolios to be valued at £500,000 minimum. The rental income generated will also need to be around 120%-140% of the loan repayments.

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Can I Keep My Properties on Separate Portfolio Mortgages?

Yes, you can be a portfolio landlord and keep your properties on separate portfolio mortgages. Deciding between a single portfolio mortgage or separate mortgages for each property depends on your circumstances and investment goals.

What Are the Advantages of a Portfolio Mortgage?

Using a portfolio mortgage can come with a higher interest rate, but if you keep your properties on separate mortgages, you could find it more expensive with lender products fees charged at each remortgage. It can potentially be easier to gear your buy to let properties on this type of mortgage. There are less lenders offering this type of mortgage, and they can come with a higher rate or other restrictions. It is best to get the advice on options from a mortgage advisor.

Buy to Let Portfolio Mortgage Rates

Interest rates for buy-to-let portfolio mortgages can vary based on factors like the size of your portfolio, your credit score, the lender you choose. and the types of properties within your portfolio. Generally, you might find that portfolio mortgage rates are slightly higher than individual buy-to-let mortgages due to the perceived higher risk associated with multiple properties. However, this isn’t always the case, so shopping around and comparing offers from different lenders is essential. To secure the best possible rate, maintain a good credit score, demonstrate a stable rental income, and present a well-maintained property portfolio.
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Limited Company Portfolio Mortgages

If you’re a property investor who has set up a limited company for your investments, you can also obtain a portfolio mortgage for your company.

In many cases, limited company portfolio mortgages offer tax advantages and make managing your properties easier.

How Much Deposit do I Need for a Portfolio Mortgage?

For the majority of lenders you will need at least 25% deposit, however there are some lenders that can go to 20% deposit.

Why Choose a Mortgage Broker?

As a portfolio landlord, you’ll want access to the best products on the market. For this reason, we’d highly recommend having an advisor on board. Our specialists can find you a suitable lender and help you secure a mortgage in no time at all.